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G-Switch Unblocked

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Even though that the G-Switch game doesn't have awesome graphics and lots of missions, people love playing this running game and enjoying the unique idea of the game - switching the gravity. In G-Switch game you play as a small robot who can run upside-down. On his long way, he will meet a lot of obstacles and the only way to overcome them - switch gravity. You can run either upside down or in a common manner but you should avoid falling from the stage because it is situated in the sky. The G-Switch Unblocked game has several game modes :
Single Player Mode - here you must reach the finish line and pass all checkpoints. Even though that the first several checkpoints are very easy, you will discover how tricky is the last part of the level.
Endless Mode - in this mode you are just running until you die. I don't like playing this mode, but some people enjoy it.
Multiplayer Mode - here you can play with your friend from the same computer. The most interesting thing is that it can host up to 6 players at a time.   The control for G-Switch Unblocked is : X button to activate the gravity switch.  I am sure you will enjoy playing the full version of G-Switch game at our website.